Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fantastic Four

Well months have come and gone and i have not blogged. i'm not sure why i haven't but i have decided i need to blog an important milestone in Addy's life. On November 11, 2011 my baby girl turned 4! People were saying that 11-11-11 was a lucky day and i have to agree.

we decided to have a family day on friday. she woke up to presents and decor courtesy of mom and dad more dad though. she got some dress up and some other things. all in all a success.

hunter was an excellent sidekick as always.

Belle's dress was her favorite gift and had to try it on immediately.

she got to choose where she wanted to go for lunch and she chose Wendy's. so to make it even more special then that we let her eat inside. she thought she was luckiest person in the world. it was fun to just hang out and spend the whole day together. after lunch we went to target to spend her birthday bucks.

Saturday the next day we had all the family up to celebrate. she was spoiled with love and gifts. thanks to everyone who came it was so nice to have you all there.

to make the weekend even more special on sunday she had her first primary program. she did amazing! grandparents and family came to support again. she and hunter were so cute they kept waving and smiling at each other. i was a very proud mom. i cant believe how grown up she looked up there saying her part and singing.


korlene said...

Happy Birthday Addy girl!!! we love you lots and were so glad to get to spend some time with you...

korlene said...

ha ha this is shayla... signed in on my mom's account...