Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9 months

hunter boy turned 9 months and i know that i'm behind because he is going to be ten months tomorrow but i thought i should document it.

he grew just a little since he was six months.

i think with all the moving he does its keeping him trim

he is so active and is into everything! his favorite spots are the ones he shouldn't be like the bathroom and kitchen.

he loves his sister and wants to do everything she is doing. it is so fun to see them play together hopefully it stays that way.

he is so funny and i love seeing his personality. he growls and whispers his gibberish. addy and casey make him laugh so hard.

he loves being outside and playing in the grass. he is such a boy. i look away for a second and when i turn back he has a stick in his mouth and going for another one. he is so curious. i love watching him figure things out. he loves to read and watch elmo with his sister. im so grateful im his mom

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Willards said...

He is so dang cute jen!! we need to hang out again!! Love the fam pics!!!