Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 months

so my sweet baby boy is three months. i can not believe how fast it has gone by. it feels like i just had him yesterday. i feel very blessed to be his mom. he has such a sweet spirit and he puts up with a lot from a certain big sister. he is such a strong baby. he loves to stand as much as possible he has even rolled over one way. well he rolled over like a month ago I'm just not good at posting. he has the best smile and little laugh. his new favorite thing is to suck on his hands. we love him so much and feel blessed that he is a part of our crazy family.

well i couldn't leave miss addilyn out. she has so much personality and is so silly. she makes me laugh so much lately. when I'm telling a story about her to someone she always jumps in to help clarify it and loves to laugh at herself. she is so girly and loves everything princess. she is very excited for halloween. she loves herself some tv but i think her favorite thing about it is the commercials. every time one comes on that is a toy she tells me she needs it. so her christmas and birthday list is getting longer by the day. i think we should be done with tv. i will never be able to get her everything she wants. i love the age is at. it makes my life very entertaining.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

baby blessing

we had such an amazing sunday. we blessed our sweet hunter. what made it even better is we did it the same time as his cousin bostons blessing. we decided it would work out to bless hunter in their ward so we could do it all at once. we have the best families and friends. thank you all that came and supported us. here are some pics we took at the lunch.

addy loves him so much

the blessing boys

sweet cousins

proud grandparents

he was happy when everyone else took pics with him except his parents