Monday, September 20, 2010

zoo trip

we had so much fun at the zoo. it was a big success. i was a little nervous taking addy and hunter but they both were so good especially hunter he slept the whole time! we went with tyler, shayla, booklyn, and baby boston. addy loves to share these adventures with her cousin brooklyn. addy was so excited to see the bears and penguins and of course that is where they were remodeling. so if you go to the zoo don't expect to see these animals. luckily she is easily distracted.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

happy happy birthday

casey turned 29 this week. we started of the celebrating last saturday when he spent the day golfing and attending the byu game. i think it was his perfect day. then on sunday i made him dinner and some delicious cupcakes. addy of course helped by licking and eating them as we went. monday he had off for labor day so we played and went to the family bbq. finally tuesday was the official birthday. i asked him what he wanted to do and mini golf was the answer. we headed to trafalga and spent some quality time together. addy had a blast. she did not want to come home. after four days of celebrating i think he had a pretty great birthday. we love you casey!

bless hunter's heart he just slept through it

addy gave up the club for a bit and just threw it like she was bowling

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


we have been very blessed lately with new additions to our families. we got two nephews in a two week period. casey's brother and wife had baby boston two weeks after hunter was born. he is growing like a weed and looked so much like his sister brooklyn when he was born.

boston tyler

the day i went into labor with hunter my brother and his wife had just had there baby. his name is ritter and he is so big! hunter and him were 12 hours apart. he looks just like my brothers baby picture. he is gaining weight like a champ and is so sweet.

ritter kyle