Monday, August 30, 2010

oak city days

i didn't do very good this year of taking pics but i did take a few at the parade. we had a great time though. oak city never disappoints.we got to spend time with family and great friends. it was a little different with two kids but they both did really well and i'm glad that we were able to go.
hunter and dad enjoying themselves

the girls with grandma. this is the norm when we are down there. they fight over whose grandma she is.

almost a family picture! addy got so much candy we are still eating it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


we are in love with baby brother hunter. that is what addy calls him. she loves him so much and sometimes a little too much. he is doing so well. he is gaining weight like a champ and his jaundice has cleared up thank heavens. we are adjusting to having two kids as best as we can. its funny how addy needs mom right when hunter needs me but i would never change it. here are some pictures i have taken of these two crazy kids.

we are all about the cheesy smile

we went to my sisters first football game of the year and addy was dancing right along with the cheerleaders. she had a lot of fun.

Monday, August 9, 2010

days of 47 rodeo

we were able to take addy to another rodeo this year. we went to the days of 47 rodeo. addy loved it again. it always amazes me how interested and excited she gets when we go. she wants to know about everything and what everything is. casey took her to look at the cowboy hats and other souvenirs. she found a pink hat and would not stop talking about it. casey of course can not say no to her so she got herself a new hat. she could not be more thrilled with it either. i was so happy that we ended up going that night because little did we know that a few days later we would get a baby brother surprise.