Thursday, July 29, 2010

hunter casey

well we got an amazing surprise on saturday night. after an eventful day of being at the hospital to welcome my brothers baby.. ritter durfey then heading to my grandpas for some pioneer day fun i was hit with a gush of liquid. so that probably was a little much but to be honest i didn't know what was going on at first. i rode home in the car thinking i just had peed my pants. you know one of the perks of being pregnant well when it wouldn't stop we packed up the family and headed to the hospital. then at 6:11 the next morning on july 25th hunter came screaming into the world. he was exactly 3 weeks early. he weighed 5lbs and 10oz and his length was 17 inches. we are in love with him especially his big sister that can not get enough of him. he has a case of jaundice so he has been laying in his tanning bed for the past couple of days. we are over it but know it is best for him.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


we had so much fun this past weekend celebrating the 4th of july. we went to the parade in delta and then played at the finlinson house until it was time for the demolition derby that night.

addy loved the parade and got so much candy from it.

fun times running through the sprinkler. she was timid at first but then she was doing it like a pro by the end.

they did fireworks at the end of the derby and she was a little nervous.