Monday, April 12, 2010

Disney or bust

a few weeks ago we went to California for my sisters cheer competition. well that was our excuse to go for Disneyland. casey decided not to go so we tagged along with my mom. we had so much fun when we got there but i think i will stick to flying. driving is not for me!

addy and grandma on dumbo.

this is on the jungle cruise. she liked some of the animals but she was nervous the whole time.
the carousel what a lovely ride. this was her favorite and she would pick the same horse every time. by the end she was whipping it with seat belt and saying giddy up.

this is my favorite pic. we were on small world and every time it got dark she would do this. this is at the first. ha ha she did end up liking it though.

we are having a...

BABY BOY! I don't have any pics on the computer yet but hopefully soon. he is all boy and so cute. we are very excited and happy.