Wednesday, January 27, 2010


1. if you throw up at least once a day... check

2. if your shampoo, lotion and most everything with a lovely smell all the sudden makes you sick... check

3. if you have out of control heartburn all of a sudden... check

4. if you wake-up tired and feel tired all day... check

5. if you have all of these and are happy about having them... check

well i guess since these all apply to me i must be pregnant!!!
it is official we are expecting baby #2 we are very excited and happy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


we spent Christmas eve at my grandpa's house this year. the little kids do the nativity and so addy was angel. she was a sad angel but the show went on. then they got to break a pinata. i don't have any good pics of this because addy wimped out and didn't want to hit it. it figures the one time destruction is permitted she backs down. oh well maybe next year.

and then came our Christmas morning. we were excited to see addy's reaction to her gifts and she did not disappoint. this was her expression every time she opened something. it was so much fun to watch. Christmas is so much better when you have kids. we had a great year and feel very blessed!