Wednesday, December 22, 2010

family pics

so i was a bit of a slacker this year! i don't even have a good excuse for not doing christmas cards. i had the picture and everything i just didn't so here are some pics i would have used if i had done one. so merry christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i love christmas and everything that comes with it. i love sharing things with addy that i did as a little girl. every year we make gingerbread houses. this year it was interesting with addy the little helper. i think she ate her weight in candy. it took hours to get her to go to sleep but she loved it.

another favorite christmas tradition is going up to temple square to see the lights. i love this one but i was a little worried how it was going to work with addy and hunter. i was right to be worried. we decided to take trax. addy loved it! she just kept saying chugga chugga choo choo the whole way up.

but sweet hunter decided to cry/ scream the whole time. poor people who sat by us. oh well we made it up there and the min. we got there hunter fell asleep.

addy loved the nativity and the lights and besides one tantrum about going potty it was a success. it was really pretty and the weather was so nice.

hunter woke up at the end and he loved the lights too. his eyes were so big taking it all in. i am so blessed i get to do this with my sweet family.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


well i had another birthday. i turned 26 this year. i don't know how i feel about it but when i look at the blessings i have and all that i have in my life i can't feel too bad that i am becoming an old lady. i have an amazing husband and two wonderful kids. life is good even if im feeling old.

also sweet hunter turned 4 months. we have had a busy month. hunter and addy went in for there wellness check ups together. they are both growing and are very healthy.


weight: 13lbs 9oz

height: 24 in.

he loves to laugh and always has a smile on his face. he loves when is big sister sings to him and can't get enough of his dad.


weight: 28lbs

height: 37 in.

she loves to dance and listen to music. i have been converting her to county music which casey doesn't like but but oh well. she loves to tell stories and make us laugh.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


i think we can say that the birthday was a success. when she woke up this is what she found. my sweet sister in law helped me make this sign for her. she loved it! i have to confess it is still hanging up. addy wants to leave it up for my birthday that is in a week.

she insisted on dressing up for the day. what a girl!

i made cupcakes for her again. they have princess crowns in them. i think they turned out ok. she put the crowns in because she loves to help whenever i cook.

addy and cousin brooklyn blowing out candles. addy was really sweet and asked brooklyn to help her and help open her gifts. the sweetness lasted a little bit and then they both wanted to play with all the toys. they love each other though.

everyone was so nice to come over and we are so grateful for our families. thanks for the love you give to addy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

birthday girl

as i sat with addy tonight i started thinking about the night before i had her. i was so nervous for the labor part but so excited to meet my little girl! i couldn't sleep that night i was so excited i just kept wondering what she would look like and how she would act. i can not believe it has been three years since i had my addilyn ann finlinson. i don't want to be that crazy mom that doesn't want her babies to grow but i have to admit part of me wants her to stop and the other part of me can't wait to see who she becomes. i have no doubt that she will be amazing. when i was going through her baby pictures it took me back to the minute i met her. i fell in love with her the second i saw her. she had a fuzzy cone head and then those huge blue eyes. i think there is a special bond between a mother and her first baby. i see it with my mom and my brother and with casey and his mom. i think it has to do with that they are the special spirit that gives you the blessing of motherhood. you learn with them and they teach you incredible things. sorry I'm rambling but i feel humbled for the opportunity to be a mother and that i was blessed with two incredible babies. anyway we are smitten with addy and can not get enough of her! she is so smart and so creative. she amazes me on a daily basis good and bad. :) princess we love you and hope you have an awesome birthday!

don't you want to just squeeze her cheeks!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the princess and popeye

we had a pretty great Halloween this year. addy was Cinderella which was a perfect fit for her. she loved her dress i wish it just stayed on the whole night. she wore it in five min intervals but she is still cute. our sweet hunter was supposed to be the prince. he had a onesie that said the prince had arrived but right before we left he spit up all over it. luckily we had a back up and he became Popeye. i think my favorite moment was when me and addy were headed up to a door and she handed me her pumpkin and said mom you say trick or treat. i laughed and then forced her to do it like the good mom i am.

these were taken before the down pour we experienced

hunter is so good with putting up with our many costume changes

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

3 months

so my sweet baby boy is three months. i can not believe how fast it has gone by. it feels like i just had him yesterday. i feel very blessed to be his mom. he has such a sweet spirit and he puts up with a lot from a certain big sister. he is such a strong baby. he loves to stand as much as possible he has even rolled over one way. well he rolled over like a month ago I'm just not good at posting. he has the best smile and little laugh. his new favorite thing is to suck on his hands. we love him so much and feel blessed that he is a part of our crazy family.

well i couldn't leave miss addilyn out. she has so much personality and is so silly. she makes me laugh so much lately. when I'm telling a story about her to someone she always jumps in to help clarify it and loves to laugh at herself. she is so girly and loves everything princess. she is very excited for halloween. she loves herself some tv but i think her favorite thing about it is the commercials. every time one comes on that is a toy she tells me she needs it. so her christmas and birthday list is getting longer by the day. i think we should be done with tv. i will never be able to get her everything she wants. i love the age is at. it makes my life very entertaining.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

baby blessing

we had such an amazing sunday. we blessed our sweet hunter. what made it even better is we did it the same time as his cousin bostons blessing. we decided it would work out to bless hunter in their ward so we could do it all at once. we have the best families and friends. thank you all that came and supported us. here are some pics we took at the lunch.

addy loves him so much

the blessing boys

sweet cousins

proud grandparents

he was happy when everyone else took pics with him except his parents

Monday, September 20, 2010

zoo trip

we had so much fun at the zoo. it was a big success. i was a little nervous taking addy and hunter but they both were so good especially hunter he slept the whole time! we went with tyler, shayla, booklyn, and baby boston. addy loves to share these adventures with her cousin brooklyn. addy was so excited to see the bears and penguins and of course that is where they were remodeling. so if you go to the zoo don't expect to see these animals. luckily she is easily distracted.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

happy happy birthday

casey turned 29 this week. we started of the celebrating last saturday when he spent the day golfing and attending the byu game. i think it was his perfect day. then on sunday i made him dinner and some delicious cupcakes. addy of course helped by licking and eating them as we went. monday he had off for labor day so we played and went to the family bbq. finally tuesday was the official birthday. i asked him what he wanted to do and mini golf was the answer. we headed to trafalga and spent some quality time together. addy had a blast. she did not want to come home. after four days of celebrating i think he had a pretty great birthday. we love you casey!

bless hunter's heart he just slept through it

addy gave up the club for a bit and just threw it like she was bowling