Friday, December 11, 2009

christmas fun

i love this time of year. its about traditions and spending time with family. one of our traditions is we make gingerbread houses. its my attempt to be crafty. we made little ones and big ones this year. i think they turned out pretty cute. addy liked them and she really liked the candy she ate as we went. don't look too close. they should be admired from a far. ha ha

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i'm old!

so its true i had a birthday! i think i'm officially old. i'm 25! i know that sounds funny but when i was little i always thought 25 was so old. well here i am. i had a great day of being a mom and getting ready for thanksgiving since we were leaving the next day. i loved spending the day with addy and then getting to see my family. i love and appreciate them so much.


we had a great thanksgiving! we spent it in oak city with the finlinson's.
the cousins at the kids table

sibling love!

addy eating some leftovers

and watching some disney movies!

then ending the night with some video games