Sunday, November 22, 2009

birthday weekend

my birthday is this week so casey and i went away for the weekend. we didn't go far but we left addy with my parents and hit the road. we stayed in sandy for a couple of nights and we got to go to new moon. that was my present is having him go with me and not making too many comments. he did pretty good but there were some crazy people there pushing him over the edge. i liked the movie and the break. we had a pretty great time.

we went to in n out because casey just had to have it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

dress up

sister steph went on her first date last weekend. i don't have any pictures of the date because it was girls choice and she wouldn't let me follow her to get them. i can't blame her i'm a little embarrassing. anyway she looked really pretty and we had fun helping her.

addy was trying to take a picture. she would say "cheese smile" and then pretend to take it.

this was another day but i thought it went with the theme. my friend ashley sent these shoes to her for her b-day. she insisted she had to wear them the min. they were opened. she is too cute!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

happy happy birthday!

so my baby turns 2 tomorrow. i didn't realize how hard it is to see your baby grow up. its hitting me hard! but on to happier moments. we decided to do a family party for her on sunday. of course everything was elmo. that is her favorite thing right now. i think we watch at least a hour and half of elmo each day. all the fam came and it went really well. she was so excited to see everyone in the same house. especially cousin brooklyn. they had so much fun and they played so hard they were sweatin by the end.

i made elmo cupcakes. don't look too close i struggled a little

her new birthday outfit

she got some dolla dolla bills

we got her this cute abc elmo doll

Thursday, November 5, 2009

lil mama

This is just another day in the life of addilyn ann. She got this stroller the other day and it has become her favorite. it has been the best eight dollars i have ever spent. she makes me take it everywhere with us but it has been hours of fun and enjoyment. she says its my strolly! it is so sweet.

i think she was throwing a fit at this moment because she wanted to play in the road!

Monday, November 2, 2009


we had a great halloween. we went to the costume parade on friday to see sean all dressed up. addy loved seeing the non scary costumes and closed her eyes when it was too scary.

on sat. cousin brooklyn came over to play. they had so much fun and they did not want to stop. it was a tragic goodbye. ha ha

then tragedy hit later right before we were supposed to go trick or treating. addy fell asleep and did not want to wake up.


this is right when she woke up and did not want to stand.

but she finally woke up and figured out that she could get some candy. what a cute monkey she turned out to be. :)