Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Mexico or Bust

My mom's family had there family reunion in new mexico at my aunt Melanie's house. We had a great time and it was so pretty there. They have lots of animals so addy was in heaven! She loved the goats and she followed the chickens around. They have a tiny kitten and she would copycat what the kitten would do. She would crawl and roll onto her back. She has such a sassy personality and she will let you know what is what. We had a great weekend!

we went shooting so addy had her ear plugs in


Last weekend we went to the pg rodeo. we were going to take addy with us but the weather was crazy so we left her home.Then when we got there and it cleared up so we were a little sad but we got a date out of it so it wasn't too bad. I love rodeos so i hope we will be able to go to some more.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


i wanted to give a shout out to all the dads in our lives! casey we love you and we are so grateful for everything you do for us. you are a great papa!

addy is the luckiest girl she has the best grandpa's and gets spoiled by both. we love you grandpa fin and grandpa durfey! thanks for everything.

she has them wrapped around her little finger


as this week came and went i sit here amazed at what has happened. it has not been the best week for the finlinson's but still we are here livin. i am sad to report that casey's dog buck has gone on to doggy heaven. this was unexpected and very heart breaking for casey. he got him after his mission and loved him very much. we are thankful for casey's family for taking care of him. on to more depressing news...casey was laid-off this week as well. we are not too shocked since work was extremely slow but still sad about the situation. i sit here tonight nervous and scared as the unknown approaches are family. if anyone knows me i like plans and i'm not a fan of change. my husband is amazing and i have total faith in him and i'm so grateful for his strength. as this trial has come i can't help but notice the blessings we have been given. when we moved in with my parents we had two goals to get out of debt and buy a house. we have paid off all our debts and the next goal was the house but nothing seemed to work out with that. then work started to get slow so we put it off more. now i realize that we were not supposed to get it yet. we would have been in a very bad situation if we would have bought a home. there are other things that have happened that i didn't understand til now but i am so grateful for my father in heaven and the blessings i keep receiving. sorry about the rambling but it was a good rant for me. we are going to keep smiling and with a funny baby girl it won't be too hard. wish us luck with this new adventure we are starting.:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why i Love Him!

I found this picture the other day and i had to share. He did pose for this so i think we still have a few years before he really wears his socks with sandals.:) He makes me laugh!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the big three

well i have officially been married three years today. its crazy to think it has been three years. it seems like it just happened. i just wanted to give a shout out to my hubby and best friend. he probably won't see this cause he is working hard today but oh well. i love you and can't believe how fast it has gone. you can always make me smile and you are an incredible father. its no suprise that addy walks around all day saying dad dad. i love you and i'm so happy we are a forever family.

Monday, June 1, 2009

cont. what a week


we started off by going to my cousin ashly's wedding. she got married in the draper temple. it was beautiful. then we helped with the reception so it turned out to be a very long day but everything turned out well. it was great to see all the family and spend time with them.

but the most important thing about friday was that it was my moms birthday. so i was glad that we were able to spend the day together. i am very grateful for this lady. she helps me so much and is a great example to me. happy happy birthday and much love.

what a great grandma. she let addy eat the whole side of her cake.


casey's sister graduated from provo college on sat. she graduated with high honors and she even spoke. she did a wonderful job and very proud of her and what she accomplished.


sunday came and we were back in oak city to hear dallin's mission report. he did a wonderful job and some amazing experiences he shared. he was a great missionary but we are happy he is home. after the family get together we went over to the park so that the girls could play. of course they had fun. we always have such a good time when we go to casey's parents. we had a busy week but we had a blast.

bothers with there babies

casey took addy down the slide and i think he hurt himself

what a week


we started our week off by having the durfey memorial day baseball/ kickball game and BBQ. i did more of the cheering then the actual playing but it looked like casey enjoyed it. addy had fun playing at the playground with grandma and stephanie.

my dad getting ready to make his move. i loved this picture.

i caught casey in action too. look at him go:)


This was the day we had been looking forward to. casey's brother dallin came home from serving his mission in tacoma, washington. We went and picked him up from the airport and then when down to oak city to hang out for a few days. casey and i thought we would be funny since he had never seen addy we would make a sign that said " hi i'm addy i'm your niece". addy liked the sign she just didn't like the wait.
what a great sign:)

we are so happy that he is home. Addy is starting to get use to him and play with him a little. she tries to act shy but we all know that the shy act doesn't last long.
Wed./ Thurs.
we were able to spend two days in oak city and just hang out. we went bowling and had so much fun. addy loved it! she even got to do a little bowling with grandma fin. with addy helping grandma they beat me. i'm a little embarassed of my bowling skills. i thought i was better then that. oh well it was all in the name of fun.