Friday, April 24, 2009

proud sister

i just wanted to share with everyone stephanie's good news. she is officially a high school cheerleader. she found out last night after three days of tryouts. i just want her to know how proud i am of her and how excited i am for her. she is an amazing person and works so hard at everything she does. i love you steph and i'm very proud to be your sister.:)

this is my sis being her cute self

Saturday, April 18, 2009

she bangs!

well i did it i cut addy's hair. i have been talking about it for awhile so it was about time. i don't know how well i did but at least i tried. well that was what i thought i was just going to post until i took some photos of addy to show her bangs and this is how she posed...

first we have the drunk look

second the angry face

and finally the "say cheese" face

my personal favorite is the angry face because everytime i take out the camera she pulls this fun face. at least she makes me laugh and keeps me smiling.:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

stupid weather!

so its official i hate utah weather. here are the reasons why...

here we are on monday playing outside. we are using our sidewalk chalk...

and here we are today stuck inside looking out the window at the dumb snow!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I thought i would share our easter in pictures.

sat. we dyed eggs and addy loved it, but she got the dye everywhere. we also had a easter egg hunt at great grandpa durfey's house. she had so much fun i'll post some video later.

sun. morn we woke up and addy got her gardening tools and a fancy new dress and the easter bunny got the parents a little something too. the grandparents were really kind to addy as well. she has a lot of new things to keep her busy. it was a great day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mission call and a picnic!

first i will inform all that kendall h. durfey ( my bro.) received his mission call today. he is going to the lubbock, texas mission. english speaking. he goes to the mtc july 8th. he is excited and we are very happy for him.:) i took pics but i'm too lazy to get them from my camera so maybe another time.

lets move on to the picnic. so i thought i would be the best mom and have a picnic yesterday with addy. she loves outside and eating so why not combine them. well a good idea in theory but not so much when you have a 17 month old who will not eat cause playing is calling her name. she took one bite of her sandwich and then she played in the yard til finally i dragged her into the house to finish her lunch. i have a feeling that this is how our summer is going to go. she will never want to come inside. oh well at least i will get some sun.

do you see the attitude she is giving me

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fun weekend

i thought i would share some pics from our fun weekend with the finlinson's.

fun with cousin brooklyn

we went and saw the horses and cows

addy loves to throw her fits