Saturday, March 28, 2009


today as i spent the whole day hanging out with casey and addy i couldn't help but think how lucky i am to be a wife and mother. i have the greatest husband and the most amazing daughter. i am eternally grateful to my father in heaven for my sweet family. so i thought i would share some of the things i love about both of them. i love that casey is my best friend! he makes me laugh constantly. an example of this is when we were at wal mart recently he saw michael jackson's #1 hits cd and had to get it. well we started playing it in the car and he was singing and dancing (well his dancing) and told me when he hears this song he wants to be wearing roller skates and dancing. ha ha how great is that. i wish i could really see that. what can i say about addy she entertains me all day. some of her new things that she likes doing is wearing shoes. she does not care who's shoes they are or how big they are she will put them on and stomp around the house. I say stomp because she likes to high step around the house. its so funny. you have to see it to really enjoy it. she is learning new words everyday. this week we are working on please and thank you. she has mastered thank you but when you ask her to say please she gets this huge smile on her face and she bats her eyes at you. i love how smart and curious she is. she is always wanting to be involved so she can figure things out. my most favorite thing she does right now is whenever i pick her up to give her loves she pats me on the back like i do to her when i hug her. i love it! it just brightens my day when she does it.

These are some random pictures of us playing today.

addy and dad blowing bubbles

addy found a tumble weed and thought it was the greatest toy

mom getting addy out of the road for the hundredth time

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nursery fun!

on sunday casey and i were asked to meet with a member of the bishopric. i had no idea what for since we have are nice little calling on the activities committee. well we went in and casey thought for sure i was getting a new calling but little did we know that they were making a third nursery in the ward and we were the lucky ones to be called as the teachers. yes it really happened. thats what i keep telling myself at least. after thinking about this for a few days i'm surprisingly feeling ok about it. first off addy gets to go to nursery 2 months earlier then she would so we don't have to have throw downs in the middle of sunday school anymore and we are only going to be teaching three little ones for right now. since i have taught nursery before i know how things go but casey has never served in the primary before so its a whole new adventure for him. its going to be fun to see how addy does with all the kids i'm hoping she won't be the one who fights and won't share. lets keep our fingers crossed or at least hope she will learn something.:)

Monday, March 9, 2009

weekend in oak city!

this weekend we were able to take a trip down to spend sometime with casey's family. Addy got spoiled by the grandparents. she just gave them a look and they were down on the floor playing with her or giving her lots of treats.:) Addy also got to see lots of animals. Cats, dogs, ducks, and cows. She was lovin it. except she likes to see them through a fence or a window. She is like her mom that way. don't get too close. we got to see tyler, shayla, and cousin brooklyn. she loved playing with her but wanted to love her a little too much.

grandma fin, brooklyn, and addy playing in the kitchen

addy and dad looking at ducks.

addy likes puppies but not up close

brooklyn and addy playing on the floor

Sunday, March 1, 2009

oh mr. sun!

It was so pretty yesterday that we had to go outside and soak up some sun.