Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fantastic Four

Well months have come and gone and i have not blogged. i'm not sure why i haven't but i have decided i need to blog an important milestone in Addy's life. On November 11, 2011 my baby girl turned 4! People were saying that 11-11-11 was a lucky day and i have to agree.

we decided to have a family day on friday. she woke up to presents and decor courtesy of mom and dad more dad though. she got some dress up and some other things. all in all a success.

hunter was an excellent sidekick as always.

Belle's dress was her favorite gift and had to try it on immediately.

she got to choose where she wanted to go for lunch and she chose Wendy's. so to make it even more special then that we let her eat inside. she thought she was luckiest person in the world. it was fun to just hang out and spend the whole day together. after lunch we went to target to spend her birthday bucks.

Saturday the next day we had all the family up to celebrate. she was spoiled with love and gifts. thanks to everyone who came it was so nice to have you all there.

to make the weekend even more special on sunday she had her first primary program. she did amazing! grandparents and family came to support again. she and hunter were so cute they kept waving and smiling at each other. i was a very proud mom. i cant believe how grown up she looked up there saying her part and singing.

Monday, July 25, 2011

its fun to be one

my sweet hunter boy turned one today! i can not believe that it has been a year. he has been such a blessing in our lives. he is such a boy! loves everything outside especially if its in the dirt! he loves to play and watch movies with sister. we are so in love with him and so grateful that he is our hunte boy.

this is newborn hunter

this is one year old hunter

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9 months

hunter boy turned 9 months and i know that i'm behind because he is going to be ten months tomorrow but i thought i should document it.

he grew just a little since he was six months.

i think with all the moving he does its keeping him trim

he is so active and is into everything! his favorite spots are the ones he shouldn't be like the bathroom and kitchen.

he loves his sister and wants to do everything she is doing. it is so fun to see them play together hopefully it stays that way.

he is so funny and i love seeing his personality. he growls and whispers his gibberish. addy and casey make him laugh so hard.

he loves being outside and playing in the grass. he is such a boy. i look away for a second and when i turn back he has a stick in his mouth and going for another one. he is so curious. i love watching him figure things out. he loves to read and watch elmo with his sister. im so grateful im his mom

Sunday, May 8, 2011


we were lucky this year and started our easter celebration a couple weeks early. we went down to oak city and spent a weekend with the grandparents and the lowe family.

casey getting in on the pinata action. addy was scared of it again.

addy had a blast. she loves visiting her grandparents and cousins. plus there was egg hunts and tons of candy what else could a girl want.

the day before easter we went to my grandpas for the durfey egg hunt. she was in heaven again. she ran around so excited to find anything and everything.

addy with her loot. she got some cash and candy!

hunter loves his aunt steph. he found one egg and that was enough for him.

easter morning was eventful and fun. she woke up and came into our room to wake us up and we didn't move so she went into the family room because steph and sean slept over. when she walked in to the room she saw her basket and yelled " the easter bunny came... the easter bunny came" it woke everyone but she was so excited.

hunter looking good on his first easter morning. he got some books to eat.

i just wanted to document the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get a picture of both kids.
and sadly these were as good as they got.

on our way home from church addy needed to stop and smell the flowers

we went to my moms for dinner and addy got to spend time outside. she loves to swing and jump on the trampoline. sean hid some eggs for her to find and of course she loved it.

we did some things a little backwards but we are ok with it. addy dyed eggs with grandpa and loved it. she doesn't have the patience but she made some pretty unique eggs.

all in all we had a great easter and feel very blessed that we were able to spend it with family. i'm grateful for my savior and that i know he lives and that i get to share that message with my kids. i love to hear what addy learned at church and hear her sing primary songs. im very blessed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

fun in the sun and conference

a few weeks ago when we had warm weather we took advantage of it. we were outside as much as possible. we had a picnic at the park and flew kites.

addy loved it she ran around like crazy and loved flying her very own kite.

hunter enjoyed it to. he wanted to eat everything!

we have awkward smiles:)


conference was good this year. i just wanted to show how my kids enjoyed it. addy loved seeing the prophet. every time he came on the TV she would run and yell mom the prophet.

hunter loves to pull addy's hair and he wanted to show off his new skill of pulling himself up.

this is the front view addy crying and hunter looking innocent.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hunter boy

hunter has been growing like crazy and doing so many new things. here are few things that have happened.
hunter got his first buzz hair cut a couple weeks ago. this is the before and after shot. he had some crazy long hair on top.

he loves to stand so he is now the proud owner of a walker. for the most part he likes it but he will always prefer being held. this is more for his mom who needs a break once in awhile.

` this is just a cute pic of him acting like he is a big boy on sisters bike. some of his other accomplishments are that he can sit up, roll around everywhere and he pull himself up onto his knees. he tries to crawl but he just face plants it. its pretty funny.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

love day

valentines day turned out perfect this year. we had family time. i made love pancakes for breakfast and gave addy her valentines. then when casey got home we had dinner as a family. addy told him we made love tacos. ha ha i love my family so much and so grateful that they are mine

hunter baby was just happy to be there like usual.

addy rocked her valentine look. her grandma durfey got her those fury pink slippers and she loves them.